Orthopedics is changing rapidly due to biologics. Over the past two decades, the trend has been toward less and less invasive treatment.

The Dawn of the Interventional Era

Way back in the 80s, cardiovascular surgery was the “go to” specialty for cardiac disease, while most cardiologists had little to do with helping change the course of cardiac disease. Then something revolutionary happened. Interventional cardiologists began using balloon angioplasty and it wasn’t long before research showed—and the insurance companies noticed—that this was a less invasive and less expensive way to help coronary artery disease. An explosion of new devices followed, which allowed interventional cardiology to become that “go to” specialty.

Now enter Interventional Orthopedics.  Stem cells and PRP delivered under precise image guidance is that disruptive technology for orthopedics. The IOF 2015 is the event that marks the start of an organization to lead that technological disruption.  Do you want to be involved in in the organization that changes everything? Come to the IOF 2015 conference to see how you can be a part of IOF.